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Here’s a little story about one of the many great things that have manifested in my journeys through The Master Key Experience.  In the Master Keys, we discover that everything begins with our thoughts and with what we entertain in our minds.  We can fortify these thoughts with our DMP (Definite Major Purpose) which is the reason that we are here and our true gifts that we discover and share with the world.   As I was traveling on my journeys through the Master Keys, I realized that in order to share my gifts with the world, I was going to have to improve my health, so I chose “True Health” as one of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) which I would need to focus on to get healthy…(a little background):  I’m a type 2 diabetic and I also have high blood pressure, doing some moderate exercise and trying to eat somewhat healthy, and as time goes on my medications continue to increase as my health condition worsens and I know that I have to do something about it or I’m going to end up as one of those sad statistics that we always hear about.  So some time goes by and I continue to hold that “True Health” PPN in every fiber of my being, constantly affirming that “I am whole, I am Health, I am balance”

About 4 months ago, a good friend of mine  that I had met through The Master Keys, called me and said that she heard about this great new supplement that could help me with my health condition and I was reluctant to say the least as I have tried many things throughout the years, but she kept lovingly nudging me and I finally agreed to buy a bottle…so in the next few days as I’m waiting for my bottle to arrive, the universe kicks into gear and I start running into friends and acquaintances that I had not seen in a long time and they shared how they had improved their own health conditions through diet, exercise and natural supplements…So before my bottle arrived, I made a decision to go on a very low carb diet, increase my exercise and faithfully take my new natural supplement and of course keep a positive mental attitude and continue to spend some time in the silence everyday.

Now for some cool results…the previous insulin usage was 62 units a day, it is now 28, the Metformin usage was 2000 Mg a day it is now 500 Mg.  I no longer take the cholesterol medication or the acid reflux medication, I’ve also decreased the blood pressure medication  and I recently went in for some labwork and my A1c which has been 7.5% for the last 10 years is now 6.6%…I was also getting ready to have Carpal Tunnel surgury on my left side for an arm and shoulder that was painful and almost useless and I am pain free and I have complete use of my arm again***Amazing…and I must add that once I made that decison, this whole process has been effortless, everything and everybody has shown up at the right time and the right place…So there you have it, because of my low carb diet, increased exercise and my magical natural supplement, I will be medication free, Diabetes free and in complete balance (TRUE HEALTH) in just a matter of a few more months…this is happening right before eyes and it can happen for you, and for anything that you desire.





My True Health Story…



Stephen Serna Offers Another Amazing Emulin Plus Testimony

Stephen Serna Offers Another Amazing Emulin Plus Testimony

Posted by Emulin+ Customer Stories on Saturday, July 15, 2017


file0001202211530Do you ever get the feeling that there has to be more than this in life?  Do you ever just know that you know that this can’t be it?  Well that was me a couple of years back.  I had worked most of my life building someone else’s dream and deep down inside I knew that there had to be more to this life than just grinding on the treadmill we call the rat-race.  So my journey begins, I did my rounds with the self-help books, tapes and guru’s and did it make me feel good??? Yes very good, motivated…Yes  but to no avail.  I remember walking out of expensive weekend self-help seminars and feeling warm and fuzzy all over, just to realize a week or two later that nothing had changed…I was still on that broken path to nowhere.  Feeling frustrated, but determined, I joined a network marketing company and with no success and again I did my rounds with many systems that were going to make me rich and again to no avail.  So I stumble into this program run by the worlds laziest networker called Go90Grow BAM!!! Finally someone is here to teach me the skills to build my network marketing company…so as I’m going through the course Mark J keeps mentioning his other program called the Master Key Experience, but this time it’s not self help…this time it’s self development, only someone is not going to tell me what to think and why…rather they will guide me on a journey of self-discovery and I have to do the work to change and it’s all on me if anything is to happen.  So this is my third time through the course (yes it’s that good) and I was reminded and jump-started this past Sunday on our weekly webinar as The Fabulous Davene (Mark J’s better half) explained about some of us having a pre-disposition to do more or to be more…or as I like to call it, a pre-disposition to greatness.   In a nutshell some of us have been genetically wired to want more and to be more and for greatness.  The Master Key Experience is a collaboration of these genetically  wired Peeps.  So this is the third time that I listened to this great truth and I was jazzed to say the least, but the first time I heard this very eloquent explanation by Fab D, well I was paralyzed in my seat, my eyes felt the point of possible saturation…I felt like I was watching myself in a movie and all at once I jumped a mile out of my seat and exclaimed…” I KNEW IT”!!!   So there it was, there was my answer, now I knew why I had felt that way my whole life.  So If you feel that way or if you don’t but feel you might want to be awakened to these awesome truth’s then I invite you to experience our next journey in the Master Key Experience…Peace & Blessings.     🙂



file0001744502535 (1)Wouldn’t it be great if all of the problems in our lives were already solved and we had no worries or sorrows???  Just smooth sailing along.  Well we all know that’s an impossibility.  What most of us don’t realize is that in every problem, mistake, failure or sorrow lies an opportunity to be had or a lesson to be learned.  Nothing is a coincidence, we live in a universe that is constantly sending us messages and signals usually in the form of problems.  Our difficulties are signposts that are waiting to be read.  Whatever problem or dilemma you are experiencing and working through in your life, has been put there for a reason, so instead of getting upset, just stop take a deep breath and ask yourself…What is this problem telling me about myself?  What is it telling me about my Thoughts?  Beliefs? Actions? Choices?  Lifestyle?  What is this problem trying to tell me?  Take a close look and see if you can find the real cause.  If you get angry or start blaming others or have a pity party, then you will probably miss the important messages that these problems bring to you.  By stopping and asking these questions you will get into the habit of turning everyday situations into opportunities.  Problems and difficulties can be used as a springboard to deeper insight.  You will learn how to make every problem and difficulty serve you and therefore understand that there are no such things as problems…Only opportunities.  So what do you think?  Give it a shot…There’s nothing to lose and it’s free and if it’s free, then it’s for me.   🙂 


20140607_064OK so life has been really busy and even busier as we approach the holidays and as we have discussed before I am active member in the Master Key Experience…So in this six month self-development course, we have daily readings and daily exercises which teach us that everything in life begins with our thoughts and in the  MKE course we are re-programming our subconscious mind so that we are able to manifest anything that we want in life and to meet up with our future self and for some icing on the cake, if we are faithful and diligent then this will all happen effortlessly.  Pretty cool aye???  We  here’s the hook, this all takes work and hard mental labor and faithfulness to the exercises.  Well sometimes when life gets busy and crazy, I may miss a couple of reads and or exercises, but do I give up and call it quits…Hell to the no!!!  Now my old blueprint (my old way of thinking) might have, but not anymore.  So what does this have to do with me you might ask, well if you are a fellow MKE member then you know what I am talking about, but if not then this could pertain to anything that you encounter in life…If you start it then see it through, no matter what, cause if you give up, then you are setting yourself up for the habit of failure and really, who wants to be a failure???  Who really wants to live a life of quiet desperation???  Whatever you are doing in life…Whatever your dreams are, GO FOR IT…and if something slows you down and gets in the way, then…GET BACK UP ON THAT HORSE AND THRIVE!!!  




98283f59c7cb58ea7d404df2162b046aI think we are all aware of all of the laws that have been placed around us in our society and I think that most of us are mindful in respecting and observing all of those laws and we may not always agree with them, but in order to keep the peace and stay out of the pokey, we obey them.  I think that we can agree that for the most part these laws were made to protect us and to keep some kind of order in our society.   What we don’t always realize or remember is that there are natural laws in our universe that are much more important than any kind of man made laws, because without them, we would not even be around to think about those man made laws.  Let’s start out simply and take the law of gravity…without it we would just float away and it would’t make any difference what the speed limit is on Main Street, Right???  So there’s really no way around gravity, it’s there whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

SONY DSCThere are however some natural laws that not everybody is aware of or they choose not to acknowledge them.  Let’s talk about the Law of Cause and Effect, this is a pretty simple principle, yet why is it so unknown or ignored, when it has probably more impact on our lives than any other law or principle in the universe.  We have discussed in the past that everything begins with our thoughts and those thoughts are energy or vibrations that go out into the universe and whatever you think about or focus on the most is what will be manifested in your life…So your thoughts (your inner world or the world within) are the CAUSE and what’s manifested in your world (the world without) is the EFFECT.  Pretty simple Right???  So why do we make it so complicated???  Now I’m not preaching at you all, because I also struggle with keeping my thoughts positive.   Thank goodness for the Master Key Experience and The Seven Day Mental Diet as these have been tremendous tools in helping myself and others realize this and work towards a much better end.   Being aware of this law and realizing that by just thinking and focusing on the positive can bring the positive into your life…As a matter of fact it can bring into your life anything that you desire…THINK about it and take a look at this short video, it explains it all…ENJOY   🙂


Gratitude changes everythingAs I was sitting at the table a few days ago on Thanksgiving, we chose to reflect on what we were thankful for in silence and then went on to say a prayer.  As I was pondering what I was thankful for this year, I was reminded of a truth that I sometimes think about, but not often enough and that is that we are to be thankful and have gratitude for everything…Yes everything, good or bad and this is a 24/7 type of thing.  If we are on a quest to have a better life and we know, that we know, that we know, that this better life and future self will be manifesting in the future, we must be grateful for what we have now and for who we are right now.  Having an attitude of gratitude changes everything, it takes all of the pressure off and relieves all of the anxiety of what the future holds and helps you detach from it, so that it can manifest effortlessly.

Focus on gratitude positive messageI once met a very wise man.  I was attending this live event on Kauai Hawaii back in 2015.  I won’t mention his name but his initials are M. J.  now if you don’t know who I am talking about then We Need To Talk…so I’m explaining to him how I just retired from the 9-5 work world and that I was finding it difficult to find the discipline to start my home business and he said “maybe you just need some time to just BE”…He then asked “Do you have a roof over your head?” I replied yes, He then asked “Do you have food on the table?”  I replied yes…He then said “Then that’s all you need, enjoy your life, enjoy the journey”.  He went on to explain that we don’t need all of the things that society programs us to think we need.  So where am I going with all of this, well it all boils down to gratitude…Don’t compare yourself to anybody else just be grateful for what you have and for who you are, heck I’m grateful to just wake up in the morning.  So in my last blog I gave a challenge…So again I challenge you to have an attitude of gratitude and just be grateful for everything that happens to you, good or bad…day in & day out and if you see this through until it becomes a habit, then I guarantee that life will get better, you will be in a better flow and great things will start to happen.  Give it a tryI challenge you…Peace…

Please Enjoy This Awesome Video…     🙂

MKE Week 8/Imagination…


So we’ve talked about how everything that is in your life and any kind of situation that your in right now has all started in your mind with your own thoughts…OK so we know that is true.   We have also discussed the 7 day mental diet, where whenever you are faced with a negative thought or situation, you replace that negative thought with a positive one and if you entertain a negative thought for more than seven seconds, you then start the diet over again until you have completed seven days without entertaining a negative thought.  That’s  a tough diet pill to swallow…So let’s bring imagination into the equation.  So whether you’re on the 7 day mental diet or you just want to be more positive in your mind, in your thoughts and in your world within, so that you can manifest a positive world without and live a better life then try using your imagination.  Let’s keep this simple…you are having a really bad day and nothing seems to be going right…take a deep breath and imagine the best day that you have ever had, take a few minutes and visualize it in your mind…start living it from beginning to end and really feel the good feelings that you felt that day, now imagine that today is that day and see if this day and tomorrow go a little better and hold that positivity in your mind all of the time and see how the days get even better.  This works with every kind of situation, if you’re in a negative situation, again stop take a deep breath and imagine when you were in this situation at a positive time or if that has never happened, stop and imagine the situation how you would like it to go and again hold that thought…I’m willing to bet that things get better for you, give it a try, what do have to lose???   Maybe you get rid of that negativity…GO FOR ITI CHALLENGE YOU.     

MKE Week 7/So You Think Your Diet Is Rough…

You have probably been on some type of diet before, maybe to lose some weight or because you’re allergic to something or maybe you just wanted to feel better and healthier.  Whatever the case may be it was probably because you wanted to see some improvement in your life…file000736930409

Well what if I told you that everything that we are and whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, all began with our thoughts…past and present.  Now wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you are going to see any improvement in your life then it would have to begin with your thoughts???   This week on our magical journey in the Master Key Experience we have begun a life changing exercise called “The Seven Day Mental Diet” and when something is life changing, calling it a major challenge is a huge understatement…The purpose of this diet is to fill our minds and our thoughts with positivity and not  allow the negative thoughts and vibes of our world in…in essence, shut out all the negativity and wallow in a sea of positive abundance.  So how is this done you might ask, well we can only think about one thing at a time and when you have a negative thought or a negative thought is presented to you, then you replace that thought with a positive thought.  You have seven seconds to change that thought, in other words don’t entertain that negative thought.  Now if you do entertain a negative thought then you immediately start your diet over again and you do this until you have stung seven days together.   This diet is brought to us courtesy of Emmet Fox…For a printed version just CLICK HERE:  The Seven Day Mental Diet.  I will leave you with the basics presented on a video below…Enjoy

Just a quick note on the video, you really don’t have to wait 24 hours to re-start your diet…It can be re-started immediately upon entertaining a negative thought…Peace    🙂


MKE Weeks 2 thru 6/Growth…


This is my third time through the Master Key Experience and my second year as a guide and it is amazing to work with and travel along this wonderful journey with these awesome new peeps that have just begun down their path to discover their true authentic self and to create and meet their spectacular future self…Now don’t get me wrong, these folks have already achieved some really great things in their lives, but like me they have all realized that there is more out there for us…We understand that we all have greatness within us and we are here to begin walking down that glorious path to our greatness and bliss.  We are here to change the world, but it all starts with changing ourselves first.  I have the pleasure of working with my tribe on their “Definite Major Purpose” document  and I am always amazed and astounded at the plans that they have to shake up this world in such a positive way.

What I have really come to realize this year is how much I have grown in the past couple of years.  I have discovered that if we are not  growing then we are not living.  Growth is not always an easy thing, hence the phrase “growing pains”.  We tend to get comfortable in our routine based lives, in our comfort zones so to speak and that’s fine if that’s who you are and if you’re OK with mediocrity and don’t mind living a life of quiet desperation, but I’m here to tell you today that it does not have to be that way.  I think that most people know in their heart of hearts that there is more to this life than just the hum drum daily boredom, but they just don’t know what to do…Well if you’re reading this…then today is you’re lucky day and it all starts here with The Master Key Experience.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has changed my life and it’s so exciting to see all of the new members on their way.

I’d like to leave with this short video of the great Napoleon Hill. This is just a taste of what we are studying and applying and no kidding we are studying and using principles and natural laws that have been around for a long, long time, I’m talking going back to ancient times…enjoy


DMPPICfile2871273526205 (1)

Hello everybody, joy and excitement is in the air as we start another session of the Master Key Experience.  I often hear members of the MKE say why don’t they teach this stuff in school???…Well that’s a good question and I often ask myself the same thing.  I came across this video today and it explains just what the problem is with our education system, well the problem goes well beyond the school system, but this is where it all starts…This is where all of the B.S starts to be piled on.  In the Master Key Experience we call this cement…You see when we are children we have this great imagination and all of these great gifts and dreams, well as we start school we are told how to dress, how to act, what is right and what is wrong…Who makes up this BullShit???…Even as a child and through all of my school years, I felt out of place, like I didn’t belong, I could never figure it out, but I got my answers once I joined The Master Key Experience.  Take a look at this Video and let me know what you think in the comments below.  Have a great day, Peace & Blessings.