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Here’s a little story about one of the many great things that have manifested in my journeys through The Master Key Experience.  In the Master Keys, we discover that everything begins with our thoughts and with what we entertain in our minds.  We can fortify these thoughts with our DMP (Definite Major Purpose) which is the reason that we are here and our true gifts that we discover and share with the world.   As I was traveling on my journeys through the Master Keys, I realized that in order to share my gifts with the world, I was going to have to improve my health, so I chose “True Health” as one of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) which I would need to focus on to get healthy…(a little background):  I’m a type 2 diabetic and I also have high blood pressure, doing some moderate exercise and trying to eat somewhat healthy, and as time goes on my medications continue to increase as my health condition worsens and I know that I have to do something about it or I’m going to end up as one of those sad statistics that we always hear about.  So some time goes by and I continue to hold that “True Health” PPN in every fiber of my being, constantly affirming that “I am whole, I am Health, I am balance”

About 4 months ago, a good friend of mine  that I had met through The Master Keys, called me and said that she heard about this great new supplement that could help me with my health condition and I was reluctant to say the least as I have tried many things throughout the years, but she kept lovingly nudging me and I finally agreed to buy a bottle…so in the next few days as I’m waiting for my bottle to arrive, the universe kicks into gear and I start running into friends and acquaintances that I had not seen in a long time and they shared how they had improved their own health conditions through diet, exercise and natural supplements…So before my bottle arrived, I made a decision to go on a very low carb diet, increase my exercise and faithfully take my new natural supplement and of course keep a positive mental attitude and continue to spend some time in the silence everyday.

Now for some cool results…the previous insulin usage was 62 units a day, it is now 28, the Metformin usage was 2000 Mg a day it is now 500 Mg.  I no longer take the cholesterol medication or the acid reflux medication, I’ve also decreased the blood pressure medication  and I recently went in for some labwork and my A1c which has been 7.5% for the last 10 years is now 6.6%…I was also getting ready to have Carpal Tunnel surgury on my left side for an arm and shoulder that was painful and almost useless and I am pain free and I have complete use of my arm again***Amazing…and I must add that once I made that decison, this whole process has been effortless, everything and everybody has shown up at the right time and the right place…So there you have it, because of my low carb diet, increased exercise and my magical natural supplement, I will be medication free, Diabetes free and in complete balance (TRUE HEALTH) in just a matter of a few more months…this is happening right before eyes and it can happen for you, and for anything that you desire.





My True Health Story…



Stephen Serna Offers Another Amazing Emulin Plus Testimony

Stephen Serna Offers Another Amazing Emulin Plus Testimony

Posted by Emulin+ Customer Stories on Saturday, July 15, 2017



file0001744502535 (1)Wouldn’t it be great if all of the problems in our lives were already solved and we had no worries or sorrows???  Just smooth sailing along.  Well we all know that’s an impossibility.  What most of us don’t realize is that in every problem, mistake, failure or sorrow lies an opportunity to be had or a lesson to be learned.  Nothing is a coincidence, we live in a universe that is constantly sending us messages and signals usually in the form of problems.  Our difficulties are signposts that are waiting to be read.  Whatever problem or dilemma you are experiencing and working through in your life, has been put there for a reason, so instead of getting upset, just stop take a deep breath and ask yourself…What is this problem telling me about myself?  What is it telling me about my Thoughts?  Beliefs? Actions? Choices?  Lifestyle?  What is this problem trying to tell me?  Take a close look and see if you can find the real cause.  If you get angry or start blaming others or have a pity party, then you will probably miss the important messages that these problems bring to you.  By stopping and asking these questions you will get into the habit of turning everyday situations into opportunities.  Problems and difficulties can be used as a springboard to deeper insight.  You will learn how to make every problem and difficulty serve you and therefore understand that there are no such things as problems…Only opportunities.  So what do you think?  Give it a shot…There’s nothing to lose and it’s free and if it’s free, then it’s for me.   🙂 


20140607_064OK so life has been really busy and even busier as we approach the holidays and as we have discussed before I am active member in the Master Key Experience…So in this six month self-development course, we have daily readings and daily exercises which teach us that everything in life begins with our thoughts and in the  MKE course we are re-programming our subconscious mind so that we are able to manifest anything that we want in life and to meet up with our future self and for some icing on the cake, if we are faithful and diligent then this will all happen effortlessly.  Pretty cool aye???  We  here’s the hook, this all takes work and hard mental labor and faithfulness to the exercises.  Well sometimes when life gets busy and crazy, I may miss a couple of reads and or exercises, but do I give up and call it quits…Hell to the no!!!  Now my old blueprint (my old way of thinking) might have, but not anymore.  So what does this have to do with me you might ask, well if you are a fellow MKE member then you know what I am talking about, but if not then this could pertain to anything that you encounter in life…If you start it then see it through, no matter what, cause if you give up, then you are setting yourself up for the habit of failure and really, who wants to be a failure???  Who really wants to live a life of quiet desperation???  Whatever you are doing in life…Whatever your dreams are, GO FOR IT…and if something slows you down and gets in the way, then…GET BACK UP ON THAT HORSE AND THRIVE!!!  



The Master Key Experience/LIFE BEGINS NOW…

Have you ever had one of those days when you  had to stop and ask yourself, What am I doing??? What is life all about??? Why is everyday so difficult and boring??? Well that was me everyday, now don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for everything that I had, but it was not enough and I’m not talking about money or material things…there was just something missing. A BIG SOMETHING!!! I had joined some of those self-help programs and I left with a warm fuzzy feeling for a short time, but nothing ever changed, I was getting nowhere. I was studying an exceptional business training program called Go90Grow and through that program I was introduced to The Master Key Experience. This course promised that with a six month commitment on my part, that it would take me on a journey of Self-Discovery…Well not only did the program keep that promise but I was also taught how to keep all of my promises (a rarity these days). This Course taught me that everything starts with your thoughts…So it all starts in the world within before it manifests in the world without. I also learned that I am a miracle and once I realized that, I am now able see and receive all of the miracles that surround me everyday. This is just the tip of the iceberg and this has been a wonderful life changing experience for me. In the past year I have left a very stressful and mind numbing job and I am now building my own business, helping others in the process, I am working on starting a worship band so as to bring Joy, Happiness, Hope, Love and Peace to others, I have learned the true meaning of kindness, I have discovered the gifts within me and I am sharing them with the world. I have discovered the importance of keeping myself healthy (both in mind and body) and I have learned that it is OK to be a Self Directed Thinker, it is OK not to buy into everything that authority and society throws at you, I am breaking off all of that cement that society has plastered on me through the years…I am truly my own boss and for the first time I am a happy camper. The reason that I am sharing this with you today is that I am spreading the word of this phenomenal experience so that you all can experience the joy and freedom that I have come to know.

This course is only held only once a year and will be starting up very shortly.  If you would like early notification of how you can earn a scholarship…that’s right; you come in on a scholarship, which means your spot in the course has already been paid for by last years class…(SWEET!!!)  Just leave your name and email down below and I will send you 7 Days To a New You…A life transforming exercise…

***My Gift To You***

P.S.  Did I mention that you will be guided through this journey, hands on by a certified guide, so you can see why space is limited, so go ahead DO IT NOW!!!   Opt In down below and we’ll get you that early notification so that you can travel down that road to Joy and Bliss…



Hello Everybody,  as I had mentioned in my previous post I was looking forward to a continuation program for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance and I am happy to report that the continuation is under way and I could not be any more exited to continue this life long journey alongside of our great guides, mentors and fellow MKMMA members…And to put a big heap of icing on this already fabulous cake I will be leaving in a few hours to join all of these great people in Kauai Hawaii for a Mastermind Retreat.  What an Honor and privilege to be in such distinguished company.  Well I have to finish packing and go hop on a plane so I will be talking to you all soon, with some details and pictures…

Until then, I bid You Peace, Love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.





Six months ago I heard about this program called The Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  As I watched the intro video’s I was told that it would be a very challenging course and that I would have to make a major commitment to it.  I was also told what I could expect to learn, which was mainly a self discovery of myself without any influence from our guides through this journey, so that I could become a self-directed thinker.  I then applied to receive a Pay-It-Forward Scholarship so my tuition had already been paid by the previous class.  For the first time in my life I joined a program that gave me everything that was promised and more.  For the first time in my life I stayed the course without quitting, even when things got a little tough.  I can honestly say that I never once thought about quitting…(And examining my past track record this was a first)…Why???  Because for the first time in my life I was truly in the right place at the right time, with the right people doing the right thing.  When I joined this course I did not know a soul, but I was never alone and I have met so many great people…THE CREAM OF THE CROP.  I could talk for hours, But what I really want to say is...NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE!!!

So you might be asking…What does this all mean???  Well I’ll tell You…What started out as a six month course has turned into a life-long journey…I could not see the future in any other way.  I am going to stay involved with this incredible movement, so that I can help spread the word and I will be applying for the internship program to become a certified guide and there is also a continuation program which we will be learning about shortly and of course I will be building a list to become an affiliate to help light the beacon so that others may benefit from this life changing adventure called “THE HERO’S JOURNEY”

I said this in a previous post but it is worth repeating…This is a lifelong adventure and I’m in it for the long haul….That means life baby, without any eligibility for parole   LOL….

A big heartfelt  THANK YOU  goes out to Mark J., The Fab Davene, Trish, The Guides and the entire MKMMA team for for developing this program and sharing it with the world…MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

I would also like to give a great big THANK YOU to all of my fellow MKMMA members, It’s been an honor and a privilege to share this incredible journey with you all!!!

I bid Everyone on this planet:

Peace, love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.




Hello Everybody, I hope that you are all doing well today.  I just came out of a twenty four hour silence yesterday and I still have not had any major revelations or any great A-HA moments other than the fact that as on my last eight hour silence I seem to be be gaining more and more clarity on my Existing DMP…What does he mean by clarity, you might ask, well, while in the silence I do some reading and some sits and I read all of our regular material and my DMP and Press Release and so far what I have on my DMP rings very true, I can see it as it has already happened and it feels great, of course who knows what I will find during a longer silence of 3 days, which I plan to do soon.  I did have a small realization during this last silence.  Somehow I started thinking about the self-help industry and  how I had been through some courses and some seminars and how when I would  participate in the course or seminar, I would feel very motivated and hopeful towards the future and how after a time that great feeling would slowly melt away and leave me wondering…What the heck just happened???   What did I get for all of that money I just spent???  A whole lot of nothing, that’s what.  In essence, what I payed for were some pretty words.  Pretty words sound great, Don’t they???  They sound great and they feel great as you repeat them and you feel inspired as they roll off your tongue…But at the end of the day, all they are….are just pretty words with no real value other than a short lived false feeling of hope.  So I came to the conclusion that pretty words don’t mean much anymore.  I am so grateful to be on this journey because this has been the complete opposite of any other program that I have been in.  Let me give you an example, last year a few months before I had even heard about the MKMMA, I booked a three day seminar with a very popular self-help guru, I won’t mention the name because I don’t think that this person is a bad guy but it is just how the industry operates and I had booked very early to insure a seat for my wife and myself.  Sometime after that I started learning about the MKMMA and I signed up for a pay it forward scholarship as soon as it opened up….Well a month or so later this 3 day seminar came up and I really did not feel like attending, but I had paid so much money and I thought, what the heck…well I had already been in the MKMMA for over a month and I was feeling really good about it….So I go to this seminar and at first it was I was a little star struck to see this gentleman of celebrity status,  But that was very short lived, because you were fed a little bit of information and then told to go to one of several stations to sign up for one or more of several programs….Well I already had some conviction that I was in the right place with the Master Keys….But this just drove it out of the park for me.  We are all very fortunate to be here and this journey will in no way end for me in a couple of weeks, this is a lifelong adventure and I’m in it for the long haul….That means life baby, without any eligibility for parole   LOL….

Have a great week Everyone, I bid You:

Peace, Love , Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.



Hello Everybody, I hope that you are all having a great day.  I was able to go into the silence this past week for about eight hours and it was a good experience.  I started out on Thursday morning and at first it was a little difficult to calm my mind down as it was racing to start the day as it normally does. I finally calmed it down and then I kept having an overwhelming desire to check e-mails and my phone for texts and to see the latest developments on social media (as if the world could not get along without me for a few hours LOL), but after about an hour all of that passed.  I then did my morning read in silence and read some Haanel and had a good sit.  I must admit that I did not have any great revelations or any major A-HA moments but as my mind  calmed down and there were no distractions, I started to gain some real clarity on where I am going and how I’m going to get there and more of a very clear picture of my DMP.  It’s amazing how much you can truly concentrate without any distractions for a period of time, and it’s crazy how dependent we are on mind numbing distractions such as television, radio, internet and social media…while all of these things if used wisely do hold some importance and value, most of us can abuse these things just as filler so that we can avoid the important and valuable things that we should be pursuing…I know that I’m guilty and I’m working on replacing those old habits.  I will have at least one more opportunity to go into the silence this coming week for about eight hours and then the following week I should be able to go into a two to three day session…I am so looking forward to it because I know that with practice of this exercise and more focus and concentration I will have those revelations and A-HA moments.

It was great listening to the video of The Science of Getting Rich this past week.  I read that book a few years ago and I sort of remembered the jist of it but I had forgotten most of the details.  There are so many great principles and methods contained in that book and they are so in line with what we are experiencing in our journey.  What really blew me away was the way that the Golden Rule was introduced…We usually say “Treat others as you want to be treated.” and that is a Golden Rule, but in S.G.R.  it was given as “What I want for myself, I want for everybody.”  I guess it basically means the same thing, But it just  seems so powerful and giving in our service to others.

Have a great week Everybody, I bid you:

Peace, Love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.



Hello fabulous Peeps, I hope You are all having a great day.  I just re-watched last weeks webby and I am reeling in pure wonderfulness.  I picked up so much more this second time around and I am going to go back at least a couple more times.  We received The Tool Box, showing us how to take undesirable emotions and use them as tools for our good such as:

FEAR/ energy, concentration, focus.

ANGER/ energy to change.

UNWORTHINESS/ keeps us on track.

GUILT/ validates good, know what to do.

HURT FEELINGS/ remind us how much we care. 

This is all such a new and enlightening way for me to look at these emotions.  I will need to study and practice and apply these to my life…It will be a process and a new journey within this already incredible journey.  My first order of business will be as Mark J. explained about the feeling of unworthiness and how it pertains to the fact that we sometimes want to be Everything to Everybody and basically make positive change to many things in the world all at the same time and how there just are not enough hours in the day and not enough of our self to go around…Well this was a pleasant punch in the gut for me because I know realize “WHAT I WAS PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW”.  I have too much on my plate as far as my DMP is concerned, I have spread myself way to thin and as Mark said, when there is too much, we bounce from one thing to another and that magnifying glass cannot focus on any one thing long enough to be effective.  So I will have to make some changes…For example…There is a non-profit that I wanted to start, for the care of the elderly folks in this world that have been forgotten…So I will either have to push out the start date on that or just find a good current organization and just help and donate to them and also do some other re-arranging on my DMP, so that I can FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS on my priorities and get busy…How will he do this You ask???  Well it will all begin with the silence or as Doug Heffernan refers to it as SHUTTY-TOWN LOL.

 Product Details


I have put aside two separate days this coming week to do a minimum of eight hours of silence and I am planning to get on the next bus to SHUTTY-TOWN to do a two to three day trip away from it all in the very near future.  I am so looking forward to all of these experiences in the silence, it will be such an awesome time to have a direct connection  with The Universal Mind or as I refer to Him as God The Father. I know that I will come away with so many answers and some new found gifts that I have always had inside myself and some needed changes to my DMP.

If you happen to be reading this blog and you are not a member of the MKMMA then I’m glad that you are here and some of the references that I make, may not make any sense to you and this is a life changing six month journey, so for me to explain it to you, would take…OH…about six months…But if this resonates with your soul then please contact me and I will hook you up for the next session and believe-you-me the more I tell you…The better it sounds.

Until next week, I bid you…

Peace, Love, Kindness and Happiness…God Bless.



Albert Einstein stated “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  Well my friends, I choose to live my life as though everything is a miracle.  This is a no-brainer for me because the way that I see it, There can be no other way.  I have always believed in miracles, because as far as I’m concerned, Life itself is a miracle.  After starting my journey on The Master Key Experience, My awareness of miracles was heightened, But after this past weeks live webcast my awareness of miracles has jumped into Super-Duper  Overdrive…From The Fabulous Davene’s lesson in physics to Mark J’s analogy of the ten year old kid in the batters box, He’s scrawny and scared, we can see his fear, but he stays in the box and we no longer have pity but we become inspired, because we are observers of greatness, we are all connected, we are all participating in this miracle. (By the way, I Love Baseball, so Baseball is a miracle also  LOL)…And last but certainly not least, Trish told the beautiful story about her five year son who had never heard anything about God before…He said to her “Mommy I think I know what God is”  Trish then said, “Please tell me , what is God?”  and He calmly said “GOD IS EVERYTHING”…………WOW!!!  This really hit home with me, because I have always felt, even as a small child, that God is everywhere and in everything.  So I am in this state of grace, beautiful, miraculous flow and I will be perfectly honest with you, I am never going back.  I am nature’s greatest miracle and life is beautiful……….By the way, Albert Chose to live life as though everything is a miracle.

USSR postage stamp Albert Einstein stock photo

I found The Master Key – Part Twenty-One to be so powerful.  A while back I had some good powerful and productive sits, but lately my sits have been kind of dry and I had not felt any real connections, until after reading this weeks lesson…my sits have been awesome, I have had some good concentration and good connections.  the whole lesson was awesome, but these two passages have helped me with my sits:

16. “If the desire is one which requires determination, ability, talent, courage, power or any other spiritual power, these are necessary essentials for your picture; build them in; they are the vital part of the picture; they are the feeling which combines with thought and creates the irresistible magnetic power which draws the things you require to you. They give your picture life, and life means growth, and as soon as it beings to grow, the result is practically assured.”

28. “For your exercise this week, concentrate on the Truth. Try to realize that the Truth shall make you free, that is, nothing can permanently stand in the way of your perfect success when you learn to apply the scientifically correct thought methods and principles. Realize that you are externalizing in your environment your inherent soul potencies. Realize that the Silence offers an ever-available and almost unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of Truth. Try to comprehend that Omnipotence itself is absolute silence, all else is change, activity, limitation. Silent thought concentration is therefore the true method of reaching, awakening, and then expressing the wonderful potential power of the world within.”

It’s been a pleasure Folks, until next week I bid You:

Peace, Love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.