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MKMMA Week 11/Every Day….A New Awakening

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Hello Everybody,  I am feeling so happy and grateful to be alive & kicking today…(just because)….   I am excited to be here talking at Y’all for a few minutes today.  I believe that I had mentioned in a previous post that I would be leaving my traditional day job at the beginning of 2015 to become my own boss well that had been carved in stone but only in my own mind…well I had a great experience this past week, when I filled out all of the paperwork and made it official at my place of torture…I mean my place of employment  LOL.  Seriously I am very grateful to have been so gainfully employed over all the past years, but the traditional workplace is just not for me so I must say that it was an overwhelming, world conquering feeling of Liberty and Freedom with Liberty being one of my PPN’s.  My other PPN is Helping Others, well I do help others but my time and finances are limited…(you know with J.O.B. meaning just above broke LOL) so I do my very best with what I have to give in time and money.  I will have more time to work the home business and I will earn more than I did at work so therefore I will be able to give more in time and money which means that I will get more and I can turn around give even more, it just grows and grows…what an awesome Law, the Law of Compensation  and the Law of Giving and Receiving.    You know, I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but I feared the unknown financially and I really had no direction and that is why I am so grateful that this MKMMA experience has found me.  This journey has drawn out of me the Faith, Courage and direction to make this life changing decision, and for that I am truly thankful and the cool thing about it is that I am just getting started and I will persist until I succeed.  I am thrilled about watching my new reality manifest…what a great life this is and will be.

Well it’s been a true pleasure talking and sharing with you today, I look forward to reading some of your awesome blogs in the next couple of days.

Have a great week everybody…God Bless and take care of yourselves.

MKMMA Week 10/Staying on the High Road.


Hello Friends,  I hope that you are all doing well on the road to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Bliss.  Things have gone well this past week, of course there are always those moments where that dastardly old blueprint comes A-Knocking.

Music-quarternote.png     YOU KEEP ON KNOCKING BUT YOU CAN’T COME IN!!!     Music-quarternote.png     LOL

But seriously folks when the old blueprint shows up we just need to dig our heels in and say NO FREAKING WAY and stay on the high road to Freedom and Bliss.  I stay focused pretty well and the funny thing is…that it just kind of sneaks up on me…I’ll be going about my business feeling good about things on my way to a New Reality and Bliss and little by little I will start feeling out of sorts and I realize that I’m headed in the old direction again…That’s when I stop dead in my tracks and tell that old blueprint where to go and…IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG…AFFIRMATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS AND YET MORE AFFIRMATIONS.  Kind of like try and try and try again until you succeed.  The new scroll III from OG  just gets me pumped up and ready to tackle anything.  The master key part 10 is nothing short of incredible…all of the sections have been awesome but they just seem to get deeper and more enlightening as we go further in…A True Journey. The sits have been interesting I am getting better at visualizing those lines and cone but I still have some work to do on that.  All in all I’m Happy and grateful to be on this wonderful ride with such great Peeps.

Until next week…Keep the Faith and stay on that High Road to Freedom and Bliss.

Have a Great Week Everybody…I Bid You Peace Love and Happiness…God Bless.

MKMMA Week 9/Health Wealth and Love


Hello Everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year I am thankful for all of the fantastic people that I have in my life…(The entire MKMMA team and participants included).  I am thankful happy and grateful to be on this life changing journey.  I am thankful and grateful now that I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.  What a powerful affirmation, I have been using it all week to help me with my Mental Diet.  I made it through one full successful day  this past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday not so much, but I will try even harder tomorrow.  I do find it getting easier with practice and focus and our new affirmation which I recite throughout the day along with everything else. All of the elements of  our journey have been really linking together for me this past week…wiring together and firing together.. The Master Key – Part Nine was especially powerful for me it really affirmed and put into perspective everything that we have been learning and practicing up to this point.  The whole section is important but what really hit home was Frederick Elias Andrews story and his affirmation  I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy, especially in sentence 9-25…

25. Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it. I want
to emphasize this point. Whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it
will help you both. We reap what we sow. If we send out thoughts of love and
health, they return to us like bread cast upon the waters; but if we send out
thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our
own lives.

Since I have been dealing with some health issues lately I also found sentence 9-26 very powerful…

26. It used to be said that man is completely built over every seven years, but
some scientists now declare that we build ourselves over entirely every eleven
months; so we are really only eleven months old. If we build the defects back into
our bodies year after year, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

In short Mr. Andrews is saying to me that instead of dwelling on our health issues we need to be positive and recite our new affirmation often and believe in it and let it sink down into our subby….I believe and I am doing this with every fiber of my being and I know I will regain optimal health once again.

Have a great week everyone…until next week…

Peace Love and Happiness…God Bless.

MKMMA Week 8/Mental Diet = Mental Exercise


Hello My fellow travelers,  I hope all is well in all of your travels on this marvelous journey.  I have still yet to get a full day in on my Seven Day Mental Diet.  The times that I am in the zone have increased but I have not gone past a day.  I started thinking why is this so difficult and I started to think about my typical day at work, it goes something like this:  I work for a public water agency, I am a field technician.  Everybody knows that driving can be very stressful (we all know how courteous people are on the road LOL), so I drive one hour to work and one hour home.  I work a nine hour day of which I am on the road in a company truck driving for nine hours so that I am on the road for eleven hours a day total (all city streets no freeway driving)…Ouch!  I deal with our districts customers all day, some are pleasant, others not so much.  I have the grim task daily of interrupting peoples water service due to non-payment.  I find this task to be very negative, sure it’s part of the job and sure it’s only business and sure if they have not paid for their service in the last two months the service must be stopped, but in my heart of hearts I just feel that I am not serving others in a positive way or sending positive vibes into the universe by this service to my fellow humans.  Thank God I will become my own boss on January 16th 2015…YAY.  My first thought was: well I can wait until January 16th 2015 to be positive (WHAT!!!) but that would put a big damper on my journey and what about my new life motto of “DO IT NOW”???  So this was not an option.  Now I do perform some positive tasks during the course of the day by making repairs so that folks will have water and helping customers figure out why they have such a high bill, usually do to over watering or a leak or helping them increase their water pressure and so on.  Now I’m thinking, maybe I should dwell on the positive things that I do in the day, but somehow it always comes back to the negativity of turning off peoples water, not to mention their not so pleasant attitude when I am confronted by them…So that brings me back to some heavy duty mental exercise and the law of substitution and I have been heavily studying The Master Keys  8-4 & 8-5:

4. We all know that this is by no means easy. Mental habits are difficult to control,
but it can be done and the way to do it is to begin at once to substitute constructive
thought for destructive thought. Form the habit of analyzing every thought. If it is
necessary, if its manifestation in the objective will be a benefit, not only to yourself,
but to all whom it may affect in any way, keep it; treasure it; it is of value; it is in
tune with the Infinite; it will grow and develop and produce fruit an hundred fold.
On the other hand, it will be well for you to keep this quotation from George
Matthews Adams, in mind, “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out
of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no
definite helpful end in view.”
5. If your thought has been critical or destructive, and has resulted in any condition
of discord or inharmony in your environment, it may be necessary for you to
cultivate a mental attitude which will be conducive to constructive thought.

I studied the heck out of this along with everything else and with some soul searching, this is what I came up with (let me know if this makes sense)…I am no longer interrupting peoples water service…I am merely reminding them that their account will need to be reconciled before their water service can be restored. I really hope that this will work because that’s all I can come up with at the moment.  I must say that I am very grateful for this journey because I would have not come up with putting a positive spin on this without all of this guidance…not to mention the life changes that have already taken place for me and of course now being able to watch as my new reality will manifest…HALLELUJAH!!!

That’s enough of my yapping  for now…

Have a great week everybody…..Peace, Love & Happiness…God Bless…

MKMMA Week 7 / Shapes, Colors and Visualization


Hello My Friends,  I hope that you all are doing well today.  This has been a bit of a challenging week, that ol thing that we call life seems to sometimes butt in when we are trying to get ahead and make progress…(as you can tell I’m between re-starts at the moment LOL)…but enough of my whining.  The seven day mental diet has been one of the biggest challenges so far on this great journey, I have started and re-started a few times so far.  I do OK when I am away from work and when I start work in the morning I am aware of my surroundings and I am able to focus and stay away from the negative thoughts and I use the law of substitution when the negative people start hammering at me (they are negative but I still love all of humanity or at least I’m working really hard at it)…so as I was saying when the negativity hits I substitute.  I don’t know how or when it happens but somehow I find myself griping about something or somebody (Game Over).  I will usually wait until the next day to re-start so that I can try to figure out what happened and try to do better tomorrow.  I have been keeping a sense of humor about it and it helps in getting myself re-started.  I have been going longer between re-starts and what I’ve noticed is that when I am in the zone I have a peaceful calm about myself, it almost feels like I am floating effortlessly through the day…it’s like I can retire from being General Manager of the Universe  LOL.  I know that I will get better at this and what a great life it is and will be.  I am really starting to feel my DMP through the sitting exercise and with the movie board and fliers.  Everywhere I look there is a flier and when I’m in my home office the movie board.  Having the shapes and colors with my PPN’s and DMP smart goals written in them are a constant reminder of my DMP and they also remind me to look for the shapes and colors in the world…this is the greatest tool for visualization.  I have not done the recording yet as my phone is 2.5 years old and is really messing up on me and it won’t accept the voice recorder app or any app for that matter, so this weekend I will either get a new phone or a small hand-held recorder, I think that the recording will be yet another great tool to help us on our fabulous journey.  Well life is grand and everyday is a gift…until next week I bid you all Peace, Love and Happiness…God Bless…

MKMMA Week 6/The Greatest Secret of Success…


“I will greet the day with love in my heart.  For this is the greatest secret of success in ALL VENTURES“.  WOW…that means that with everything that you do or are even thinking…if there is love in your heart and you do it with love and for love, then you will succeed.    You Know…I have been hearing that for my whole life whether it was from my parents or in church or in scripture I always heard the message and I always understood the message, but I was never practicing the message.  I was never stepping outside my comfort zone, and truly it is a lot easier said then done. This scroll is very enlightening, there is an old saying that “Love Makes the World Go Round”  and that saying is very true and this scroll really puts that into perspective.  The scroll holds so many truths and explains how to go about and put these truths into practice.  I have been practicing these instructions this past week and although it has not been easy, it has been rewarding especially with some of the people that I deal  with on a daily basis that are for lack of better words a little grumpy and negative.  I have to admit that I have already been practicing my promises from my law of giving and receiving cards and I have been getting some pretty positive responses with that, but as I would approach people and in silence I am saying I Love You and really meaning it (not an easy task with some of our own species LOL.) but I stepped out of that old comfort zone and the next thing I know I’m having a friendly, intelligent conversation with a couple of people that I have only exchanged but a short greeting with in the last few months…INCREDIBLE!!!  I’m still a little gun shy at times and sometimes I get busy and I forget to approach everybody in this way, but as my awareness grows and the more I do it, soon it will become a good habit and I will be a slave to it…How Sweet It Is!!!   The Master Keys part six….Awesome… The sits this past week…Awesome.   The guy in the glass, again…Awesome.  This has been a real eye opener for me because many times I can be my own worst critic and I’m not always my own best friend and I’m not always entirely honest with myself so this little reading at night is very helpful and is truly a reality check.  It was a little strange at first telling myself that I love myself aloud…but I think it is important because we can’t truly love others unless we truly love ourselves first…this is a life-changer.   Well I’ve talked at Ya enough for today so in closing Always remember:  “If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone.  Without it I will fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.  I will greet this day with love in my heart and I will succeed”.

Have  a great week Everybody…..Peace, Love and Happiness….God Bless



Hello Peeps, how are you all doing out there in MKMMA land???…I hope you are feeling as good as I am about this past week.  Last Sundays Webby was nothing short of awesome, I really got a lot out of it, the content was great and I was stoked.  I just finished my Press Release a few minutes ago and what an experience that was…I was not sure how to get started but once I did I got caught up in the moment and my imagination went into overdrive and as I was typing along I was in the chair being interviewed by this person and everything on my DMP had already happened, I was truly living in the moment, it was wonderfully surreal and when I finally came back to reality I realized that all that had happened was my reality…this is really happening…AWESOME!!!  The sits this past week have been great, the first couple of days it was a little difficult to picture myself where I wanted to be but then on the third day I was there, maybe that is why my Press Release experience was so real. Now about the opinions, that is a tough nut to crack, I have been having a rough time with this one.  I never realized how opinionated I am and I find that when I’m voicing the negative opinions, there is also a lot of complaining and whining going on.  What a waste of energy, I find that even when I catch myself and keep my mouth shut that my mind is still racing with those thoughts.  I’m really learning a lot about myself.  This is going to be a slow process but definitely very doable…I’m just going to follow Mark J’s advice and just embrace it and keep my sense of humor about it.  The master Keys – Part 5  I just keep learning more and more, it just gets better and better.  November 1st we start Scroll 2 with Og…I’m exited about that…and about the future…until next week…God Bless…Peace, Love and Happiness.



“I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE”…..What a powerful affirmation, especially now that we are discovering what the “I” really is.

How is Everybody doing???   I hope you are all feeling as good as I am to be on this wonderful life changing journey.  I found the Master Keys part four to be very powerful this past week.

The “I” must be something which controls and directs both the body and the mind; something which determines what they shall do and how they shall act. When you come into a realization of the true nature of this “I”, you will enjoy a sense of power which you have never before known.

What a powerful statement and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  What an amazing concept to know that the our world within is controlled by the “I” which is our spiritual being, and it is linked into the Infinite “I” which is the Universal Energy or Spirit. In the lesson it says that this Energy or Spirit is usually called God…My true belief is that this is the Almighty God.  We are directly wired into the Almighty, a direct connection and our “I” has the power to think for ourselves and we can manifest whatever we are thinking as long as your objects and purposes are constructive and are therefore in harmony with the creative priniple of the universe.

We  must also keep in mind that:  The trained mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, and any attempt to profit by the weakness, ignorance or necessity of another will inevitably operate to his disadvantage.

My DMP is coming along, I think I might almost be there and I still find something new every time I read The Greatest Salesman.  The service and plan of action card really help get me going during every day.  My sits have become very intense and relaxing at the same time, I never realized how much could be accomplished just by sitting and being still.

I am learning so much and as we travel along this incredible path on our journey to self discovery.  I am really starting to know myself, some things good and some parts of me need some serious work but I know that I am in the right place for that to happen.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you all today.  Until next week I bid you Peace, Love and Happiness…God Bless…


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Wow!!!  I can’t believe that we are already in week 3…I could not wait for the course to start and now we’re 3 weeks in.

How is everybody doing???  I hope you all are feeling as pumped as I am to be on this spectacular journey.   The reading and sitting  exercises are starting to flow smoother and they don’t seem like a chore or something that I gotta do (Dang)…instead they feel like a good habit and my day feels more productive and positive and complete because of it, and the learning part is pretty darn cool too.  Procrastination?  Who has time for it anymore???  The chore cards are awesome, I have been putting off so many simple things around the house lately and now I am getting them done because I always keep my promises…what an awesome concept, If this keeps up I’ll soon be living in a palace.  I did cheat a little this past week because I have replacing my habit of watching too much television with reading but on this past Sunday’s webinar the Fab Davene stated that it was OK to watch a little television as long as all of your work is done.  Well that’s all I needed to hear so after all my work was done, I  watched some television but I only watched some baseball and only because I am a huge fan of my hometown San Francisco Giants and I don’t think that I could have lived with myself if I missed seeing them win the National League Pennant.  I expect I will be peeking in a little here and there again next week when they are playing in the World Series…but only after all my work is done.   Well in closing I wish you all a successful week 4…Have a good one…Peace be with you and God Bless…

Week 2/My MKMMA Experience

Here we are in week two of this incredible journey and the truths and principles are becoming clearer and more apparent in my mind.  I am learning so much about how we operate in our minds or lack thereof. When I get lazy in my thinking, I find that my old blueprint is  fighting me from time to time, but this is too important to even think of giving up so I push on with an unbridled enthusiasm that I have never felt before in my life.  I am truly in a special place right now. Everytime I read the material I get more and more out of it, the light gets brighter and brighter.  I submitted the  second draft of my DMP to my certified guide, using his great suggestions, and just in the re-writing of it I was able to see such a clearer picture of what my future will be and as I read it aloud it really resonates true.  It is a slow process but I am learning to guard my subconscious mind with my conscious mind by reading my DMP, the Blueprint Builder, my Index cards and The Worlds Greatest Salesman reading all out loud.  I keep these materials nearby especially my DMP so when I start getting the negative thoughts I start reading, it works well and gets me back on the right track. The new sitting exercise has also helped me with controlling my thoughts.  I have been finding it easier to replace my bad habits with good ones such as instead of watching television I now read.  I am getting better with my worst habit which is procrastination,  mainly because I have a lot to do now with this course and that’s a good thing, I’m replacing those old bad habits.  I have said this before and I will say it again: I truly believe that  I am on the right path for a happy successful life where I can be in great service to others.  More to come next week until then I bid you Peace, Love, Happiness and success….God Bless…