98283f59c7cb58ea7d404df2162b046aI think we are all aware of all of the laws that have been placed around us in our society and I think that most of us are mindful in respecting and observing all of those laws and we may not always agree with them, but in order to keep the peace and stay out of the pokey, we obey them.  I think that we can agree that for the most part these laws were made to protect us and to keep some kind of order in our society.   What we don’t always realize or remember is that there are natural laws in our universe that are much more important than any kind of man made laws, because without them, we would not even be around to think about those man made laws.  Let’s start out simply and take the law of gravity…without it we would just float away and it would’t make any difference what the speed limit is on Main Street, Right???  So there’s really no way around gravity, it’s there whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

SONY DSCThere are however some natural laws that not everybody is aware of or they choose not to acknowledge them.  Let’s talk about the Law of Cause and Effect, this is a pretty simple principle, yet why is it so unknown or ignored, when it has probably more impact on our lives than any other law or principle in the universe.  We have discussed in the past that everything begins with our thoughts and those thoughts are energy or vibrations that go out into the universe and whatever you think about or focus on the most is what will be manifested in your life…So your thoughts (your inner world or the world within) are the CAUSE and what’s manifested in your world (the world without) is the EFFECT.  Pretty simple Right???  So why do we make it so complicated???  Now I’m not preaching at you all, because I also struggle with keeping my thoughts positive.   Thank goodness for the Master Key Experience and The Seven Day Mental Diet as these have been tremendous tools in helping myself and others realize this and work towards a much better end.   Being aware of this law and realizing that by just thinking and focusing on the positive can bring the positive into your life…As a matter of fact it can bring into your life anything that you desire…THINK about it and take a look at this short video, it explains it all…ENJOY   🙂

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10 thoughts on “MKE WEEK 10/DON’T BREAK NATURAL LAW…


    Yes, cause and effect are so important! My employees look at me in bewilderment when I discuss that after an unusual event happens!

  2. Josette J Millar

    LOL. I love the gravity law description you made. I became much more aware this week of the law of polarity (described in the movie). Og Mandino describes it in his scroll 3 when he says “I must have the night to appreciate the day”. It is true that without knowing one polarity, we won’t know the other. Good vs bad. Sweet vs salted. Giving vs receiving. Fear vs faith. It is all part of life experience. Thank you for bringing these thoughts into my awareness.

  3. Steve Wilson

    Another great post Stephen! Yes, why do we “make it so complicated?” Pretty simple indeed! Yet, only when we get honest with ourselves, swallow our pride and realize we have been “causing” the distractions, etc.. But it is at that point, when we take ownership for our actions that we can begin to manifest change. Beautiful concept. Thanks Stephen!


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