MKE Week 7/So You Think Your Diet Is Rough…

You have probably been on some type of diet before, maybe to lose some weight or because you’re allergic to something or maybe you just wanted to feel better and healthier.  Whatever the case may be it was probably because you wanted to see some improvement in your life…file000736930409

Well what if I told you that everything that we are and whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, all began with our thoughts…past and present.  Now wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you are going to see any improvement in your life then it would have to begin with your thoughts???   This week on our magical journey in the Master Key Experience we have begun a life changing exercise called “The Seven Day Mental Diet” and when something is life changing, calling it a major challenge is a huge understatement…The purpose of this diet is to fill our minds and our thoughts with positivity and not  allow the negative thoughts and vibes of our world in…in essence, shut out all the negativity and wallow in a sea of positive abundance.  So how is this done you might ask, well we can only think about one thing at a time and when you have a negative thought or a negative thought is presented to you, then you replace that thought with a positive thought.  You have seven seconds to change that thought, in other words don’t entertain that negative thought.  Now if you do entertain a negative thought then you immediately start your diet over again and you do this until you have stung seven days together.   This diet is brought to us courtesy of Emmet Fox…For a printed version just CLICK HERE:  The Seven Day Mental Diet.  I will leave you with the basics presented on a video below…Enjoy

Just a quick note on the video, you really don’t have to wait 24 hours to re-start your diet…It can be re-started immediately upon entertaining a negative thought…Peace    🙂


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8 thoughts on “MKE Week 7/So You Think Your Diet Is Rough…

  1. Josette J Millar

    Thank you, Stephen, for including this video. it is so powerful. It has changed my life already although I haven’t been able to do a full 7 days yet. But I’m on my way :). I love my life!

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      Thank You Josette, I am so glad that this exercise is a life changer for you…I’ve never made it the 7 days, but I continue to work towards it…Peace & Blessings. 🙂

  2. Rebecca San Miguel-Gurski

    This was GREAT! Very helpful review of our assignment. I have been replacing negative thinking for some time now but never saw it as an exercise that could literally be changed permantely! I’m having sooo much fun with this. I see it as a challenge to conquer!

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      Thank You Rebecca, I’m glad to see that you are having fun with it…definitely a life changer…Peace & Blessings. 🙂

  3. LorencrazyCraigTaylor

    You know, Stevo? I need to pay attention more, because as I’m now realizing, something profound always happens when you are around!

    Case in point, this post. While reading and contemplating, it occurred to me that I’ve never taken the 7-Day Diet serious enough to ever give it a chance to work its magic. It’s time I do that; don’t you think?

    Starting tonight – 10:10 PM Pacific – I’m going on the diet. If you read this comment prior to our mastermind call tomorrow, please, ask me about this commitment.

    FYI in a few minutes I am writing my MKMMA Week 8 blog post, and I plan on incorporating Fawndo’s Week 8, and this Week 7 post of yours.

    So, I’m pretty sure I owe you the equivalent of the best hot fudge sundae you’ve ever had X2! For now, my Mahalo X2 will just have to do!!!

  4. Terrence G Neraasen

    Hey Stephen, great post. I’ve always thought it unworkable to wait a day or two before restarting the mental diet. It’s really an ongoing thing. I’m constantly correcting myself and therefore starting over. Patience is a virtue but I choose not to wait… just get right back on and keep at it.


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