MKE Weeks 2 thru 6/Growth…


This is my third time through the Master Key Experience and my second year as a guide and it is amazing to work with and travel along this wonderful journey with these awesome new peeps that have just begun down their path to discover their true authentic self and to create and meet their spectacular future self…Now don’t get me wrong, these folks have already achieved some really great things in their lives, but like me they have all realized that there is more out there for us…We understand that we all have greatness within us and we are here to begin walking down that glorious path to our greatness and bliss.  We are here to change the world, but it all starts with changing ourselves first.  I have the pleasure of working with my tribe on their “Definite Major Purpose” document  and I am always amazed and astounded at the plans that they have to shake up this world in such a positive way.

What I have really come to realize this year is how much I have grown in the past couple of years.  I have discovered that if we are not  growing then we are not living.  Growth is not always an easy thing, hence the phrase “growing pains”.  We tend to get comfortable in our routine based lives, in our comfort zones so to speak and that’s fine if that’s who you are and if you’re OK with mediocrity and don’t mind living a life of quiet desperation, but I’m here to tell you today that it does not have to be that way.  I think that most people know in their heart of hearts that there is more to this life than just the hum drum daily boredom, but they just don’t know what to do…Well if you’re reading this…then today is you’re lucky day and it all starts here with The Master Key Experience.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has changed my life and it’s so exciting to see all of the new members on their way.

I’d like to leave with this short video of the great Napoleon Hill. This is just a taste of what we are studying and applying and no kidding we are studying and using principles and natural laws that have been around for a long, long time, I’m talking going back to ancient times…enjoy

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6 thoughts on “MKE Weeks 2 thru 6/Growth…

  1. Josette J Millar

    I’m very happy to be part of your tribe and feel blessed to have stumble upon MKMMA. It is work, there is growing pain, but after only 5 weeks, it is already rewarding beyond my expectation. I pat myself on the back for doing the work and I THANK YOU for all your support and guidance.

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      I’m so happy that you are here with us Josette…I can see your light shining bright, Peace & Blessings. 🙂


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