MKMMA Week 13/”The Father and I are one”

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Hello Everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I’d like to start out today by quoting the last two passages from The Master Key-Part Thirteen…

“26. We can best conserve our interests by recognizing the Infinite Power and
Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Mind, and in this way become a channel whereby
the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire. This means that
recognition brings about realization, therefore for your exercise this week make use
of the principle, recognize the fact that you are a part of the whole, and that a part
must be the same in kind and quality as the whole; the only difference there can
possibly by, is in degree.
27. When this tremendous fact begins to permeate your consciousness, when you
really come into a realization of the fact that you (not your body, but the Ego), the
“I,” the spirit which thinks is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same
in substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from
Himself, you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come
into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities
which have been placed at your disposal.”

As usual The entire Master Key-Part Thirteen was both fascinating and enlightening but these last two passages really jumped out and took root and the LIGHT CLICKED ON!!!  Up to now my sits have been good, but after reading and understanding this, my sits this past week  have jumped leaps and bounds above the previous weeks.  As I sat and concentrated on the fact that “The Father and I are one”  I suddenly recognized what was really meant by “You are part of the whole and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole; the only difference there can possibly be, is in degree.”  I have been reading this in previous parts of the Master Keys and I understood it, but it just did not resonate inside me until now.  As I sat this past week I have been able to truly relax and let go both mentally and physically and let the “I” take over, I have felt like I have a direct connection to the Father.  I have to tell you that it is a feeling of Peace and Comfort and new idea’s have started to flow.  Up to now I have felt like my DMP was carved in stone I mean it was bulletproof, but after the sits this past week I have had to make some small changes and some additions and normally when I am so sure of something it is difficult for me to change things, but as these new idea’s flowed they just were so right and true that I received no resistance from myself at all.

With this epiphany and all of our exercises, things are really firing and wiring together and the juices are really starting to flow and I am on CLOUD 9.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR and I know it will be for all of us and we can just say LATER DAYS to that old blueprint…HALLELUJAH!!!

I bid you Peace, Love and Happiness…God Bless.

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16 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 13/”The Father and I are one”

  1. Scott Scales

    Oh how I loved your post. You are finding your future self so fast. To read of your breakthroughs in your sits is inspiring.

    2015 holds amazing gifts for you and you are ready to receive them.

    Happy New Year and blessings.

  2. samuelkawa61

    Stephen, you are so “in the flow”. The Law of Relaxation. Harmony is busting out all over and is showing in your post. I am privileged and lucky to be a part of “your whole”.


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