MKMMA Week 14/Back to Normal.

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Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a great New Year So far.  I’ve had a rather interesting couple of days and what I thought was a total waste of time actually taught me something very important.  I am not particularity proud of my behavior on new years eve, I went to a big party that started out innocently enough and before I knew it my old blueprint kicked in and I started having a really good time, drink after drink after drink.  I don’t know where this came from because I have not done this sort of thing for many years but it just happened.  Well long story short I woke up New Years day a total disaster, I was sick as a dog.  I got none of my MKMMA activities and exercises done that day and I spent the whole day beating myself up for my previous nights behavior and in the past a wasted day meant nothing to me, but it matters to me now.  When I woke up this morning 1-2-15, I was still in that negative state of mind and I realized how negative I was in my thinking.  I then did something that really surprised me, something that I would have never been able to do in the past.  I forgave myself and told myself  I Love You no matter what and I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I then picked up all of my MKMMA exercises and activities and got to work.  I then realized that I was back to normal because normal to me now is doing all of my reading and activities, thinking positive and substituting for all the negativity that comes at me.  I missed a day and that was tough for me, but I was now back to my new reality…I was home again.

I really enjoyed reading Ogs scroll IV for the first time today…I am natures greatest miracle, how awesome is that, what a great read.  I also watched one of the movies on our list (I plan to watch all four as time permits) but the one that I watched today was October Sky.  It’s a true story that really personifies the statement “I persist until I succeed”.  I was  truly glued to the screen and completely captivated.  I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody that has not seen it, but this young man gets a calling to do something great and he pursues it against all odds including going against his own fathers will.  I will leave it at that for now but I will warn the guys….It’s a tear-jerker, it got me good.

Well as always it’s been a pleasure talking and sharing with you today.  I’m looking forward to reading some of your great blogs in the next couple of days…until next week, I bid you Peace Love and Happiness…God Bless.

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22 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 14/Back to Normal.

  1. mkmmahooper

    Congrats..great observation, and great loving on your awesom self…even through New Years. I am from central Pa. And can relate to October Sky. Grand father in soft coal mines in central pa, he ran the tiny coal railroad from the mines to depot. My mom Wes from the big city( huntingdon) and he the engineer from the mining town ( Saxton) I could relate. Great story although I watched Rudy) another about focus and determination.

  2. Stephen Serna

    Thank You Robert, How cool I can picture some of your history after watching October Sky…I’ve seen Rudy a couple of times, years ago, it’s a great story, I plan to watch it again soon…Peace and blessings to You.

  3. Scott Scales

    Oh how far you have come. Awesome post. You have incorporated one of the 7 Laws of the Mind; The Law of Forgiveness.. You forgave yourself.

    You are still on your journey 🙂

    Be Blessed.

  4. mkbeautyurs

    Thank you for your heart-felt sharing….it’s a big one! So glad you had the opportunity to forgive yourself…I know I need to remember that too. Also really loved the movie “October Sky” …..wait until you see “Door to Door” – have your hankies ready 🙂 Happy New Year filled with many terrific new adventures and lots of love.

  5. Stephen Serna

    Thank You Ursula, Happy New Year. I had planned to watch Door to Door in the near future, but I will make it sooner than later thanks to your great suggestion….Peace and Blessings to You.

  6. samuelkawa61

    What would life be like if we were perfect 100% of the time? You did well by picking up your bootstraps and is rocking again. That guy in the glass is your friend and he loves you because you are true to him.

  7. juspatricia2013

    Stephen, your post was honest, and amazing that you were able to forgive yourself and begin again. We have so much to be grateful for, including MKMMA which is helping us to live awesome lives.

  8. mkrblutz

    Stephen – it took good courage to admit where you were, and now even greater courage and excitement to move to where you want to be in you dharma! The old programs are sometimes very strong. Those peptides just ache to be satisfied!
    See you at the Top!


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