MKMMA Week 16/Kindness Rewards Kindness.


Hello Everybody, I hope that you are all doing well.  This has been a fabulous week...Kindness Rules.  I have been noticing kindness everywhere this past week, whether it’s my kindness towards others or peoples kindness towards me or to others.  Most of this kindness has always been there, but I was just never aware of it.  I say most because I went out of my way to generate more kindness than usual and more came right back at me.  What really blew me away was when I started noticing all of the acts of kindness that my Wifey performs for me and others on a daily basis, I always appreciated it but I never realized all of the tremendous kindness that flows from her.  I am truly blessed.  I have had many examples of kindness episodes this week here are the latest…

Blossom Bucket Butterfly/Flowers Picture by Cindy Lowry Wall Art in Beige

I retired from my traditional day job yesterday and H.R. was to have all my paperwork ready at 3:00 PM, when I arrived there they told me that they were unable to process my final papers and that I would need to return today to complete the process. Instead of getting upset, I said It’s alright, I understand and what is a good time for you in the morning…When I went in this morning they were very apologetic, they had all of my papers ready and they gave me a nice juicy gift card to Home Depot….Sweet…Kindness Rewards Kindness.

I stopped in at the bank today and the teller was just gleaming with kindness and I gave it right back to her. I wished her a good weekend and she replied that since I was not working today that I must have a 3-day weekend and I told her that I had just retired and that I do have my home business but that I did not have to report to a job anymore, she then congratulated me and said that their customer appreciation day had been yesterday and she went to the back and fixed me a bag of cool goodies and trinkets…Nice…Kindness Rewards Kindness.

The alliances has been really buzzing it has been so much fun reading, commenting and sharing…It has truly convinced me of the awesome power of a Mastermind Alliance…Can you imagine all of the beautiful vibes that we are sending out to the world…BEYOND AWESOME.

This past week has been both an eye opener and a life changer, I have noticed that the more time I spend focusing on Kindness the less time I worry about the negatives in the world…This has been a Super Fantastic Boost to my mental diet it has made it almost effortless.  The world needs more people spreading Kindness and this all begins with Me…Won’t you join me…Together we can make this world a better place.

I really enjoyed performing kind acts without getting caught…You get to be furtive, shifty and sneaky, but it’s for something good and positive…How Cool is that???

I loved talking at all of you awesome Peeps today,…

Until next week, I bid you Peace, Love and Happiness, and may your days be filled with KINDNESS!!!

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18 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 16/Kindness Rewards Kindness.

  1. pattiebsmasterkeyexperience

    Stephen, I totally agree – this has been epitamy of what life is all about! Knowing always that People are basically kind is not quite the same as actively “looking” for those kindnesses! WOW-what an eye opening experience this has been! Kudos on your beautiful blog!

  2. Scott Scales

    Stephen…. first happy retirement. Thanks for sharing all the kindness around you and from you. This week has been amazing; I am having such a blast reading all the stories of kindness. Just makes me want to be even more kind.

    Extra blessings for you this week.

  3. Stephen Serna

    Thank You Scott, It’s amazing how much Kindness is all around us, when we just take the time to look…Peace and Blessings my Friend and may your days be filled with Kindness.

  4. mkbeautyurs

    You did it! Congratulations! I so appreciate your views on kindness and trust that the flow of that will continue as you start your new life. How awesome it is to be sharing a small part of your journey, but a big part of the energy that it creates. All best wishes!!


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