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When I was a young little dude I was a Boy Scout…“A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”  I still strive to be all of these things everyday, especially being Kind.  The Boy Scout motto is “BE PREPARED”    I am learning that this simple statement is very important.  My virtue that I focused on this week is “Well Organized”…Years ago I was a well organized person, But the last few years I have let things get into dis-array.  I have had many many changes in my life the last few years and I just did not keep up that good habit of being “Well Organized”  When you are not organized (And I don’t mean being anal about everything…LOL) But when you are not organized you are not always prepared for the opportunities that may present themselves in your life.   Have you ever had an opportunity present itself in your life and for whatever reason you were not prepared and not able to receive that opportunity???  That has happened to me in my life and it is among one of the worst feelings that a person can have.  We have learned that our thoughts are the cause and when when manifested it is the effect…Well we must prepare ourselves to receive that effect when it is manifested or we might miss it.  When I say to prepare, I mean if there is something that we need to learn about it, we must learn it.  “Knowledge does not apply itself.”   Awareness is a big factor…We must be aware of the thing, after we have visualized and concentrated in our sits, we must be aware of the thing and expect it so that we don’t miss it…To quote Mark J.  “Be the Observer”……………..We have all heard the expression being at the right place at the right time, well we might be at the right place at the right time, but if we are not prepared or aware we may miss it.  So whatever it is that we are visualizing and concentrating on in our sits, We had better be prepared because it’s on it’s way.  I have spent the past week getting things organized physically and mentally in my life and getting prepared.   For instance there are a couple things on my DMP that I have no experience with and I have been doing some research and practicing certain things so that when it gets here (and it will) I will be so ready to receive it.   So in case you missed it, we must    “BE PREPARED”…LOL

In other news…Going back and re-visiting some of the past Master Key lessons has been so enlightening.  It was great reading that good stuff again , but I really picked up on things that I did not see before or maybe I just did not have the understanding at that time but I had some awesome reads and sits this past week.

Well Folks, It’s been real…Until next week I bid you Peace, Love, Kindness and Happiness…God Bless.

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12 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 17A/…”BE PREPARED.”

  1. pattiebsmasterkeyexperience

    Stephen, thank you for a wonderful blog! Your blog made me smile. I used to be (anally) organized and then took on the responsibility of raising 3 grandchildren! Now, I must regroup with my organizational skills (minus the anal)! Great observation in preparedness!

  2. Scott Scales

    Love the tie in the the Boy Scout’s motto. wonderful to be focused on things that really matter and seeing all the good characteristics we desire around us.

    Be Blessed.

  3. masterkeywadeblog

    I agree that going back to earlier Masterkeys has been fun and enlightening. It’s become a bit of a habit for me to page back a bit and look at various things again. I always enjoy your blog.


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