Hello everybody, I hope that this day finds you well.  I’d like to start out by wishing a great big KUDOS to our MK guidance team for that ground-shaking webby last Sunday it was in a word Phenomenal.  I used the paired comparison chart and figured out my A & B and I am back on track, it’s crazy that just a few simple changes can make such a big difference and Wooden’s Pyramid of Success…So you’ve heard the term of being set up for failure or setting yourself up for failure…Well in our case on this MKMMA Journey we have been set up for success or given the tools to set ourselves up for success, not only did we all know this, but it was proven to us by going over Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, step by step as it has been presented to us over the last five months…Too Cool!!!  In all of this Greatness of a webby the grandest highlight for me was when the Fabulous Davene explained the concept of having a Genetic Disposition to become more.  I won’t go into the details but this literally knocked my socks off.  I had always felt in some situations that I did not belong, like in school or at certain jobs, I just did not agree with the curriculum or methods that I was being taught or being instructed to perform at a job.  I was never a person to conform, especially when the methods that I was instructed to perform to complete a task did not make any sense to me and when I had a better suggestion, I was shot down just to have management bring up my  new idea months later as their own…(the scoundrels)  Welcome to Corporate America  Right???    Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, when the Fab D. so eloquently explained this concept, It brought it all home for me, All those years of wondering why???….My questions have been answered….I have a Genetic Predisposition to become more and do more in this world…HALLELUJAH!!!

I just finished watching the film “Finding Joe” for the second time and if you have not seen this, then I highly recommend that you take a couple of hours and experience it.  The film goes into some of the teachings of Joseph Campbell and really focuses on the Hero’s Journey…I came out of the movie with a much richer understanding of the Hero’s Journey.  I won’t go into too much detail on the film, in case you have not seen it but I will share Brian Johnson’s thoughts on fear…It goes something like this: Fear is an inherent part of the human experience, it’s not about getting rid of fear, Where is it going to go??? There’s no where for it to go…We must have courage to move forward in spite of the fear that we feel. Courage is like a muscle, we must build it up, make it stronger. We must consistently go up to our fears and go one step past them…and another step past them….and another step past them and you’ll find that your comfort zone expands every time that you do the things that used to freak you out and these things will not freak you out as much anymore and you have this tool…You have the strength to literally to lift more in your life as you face your fears authentically. (Very Cool!!!)

It’s been a pleasure talking at You All today…Until next week,

I bid You Peace, Love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.

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10 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 20/SET UP FOR SUCCESS.

  1. mkbeautyurs

    Wonderful post as always, Stephen! I relate to so much of what you wrote, esp. the feeling like not belonging (another term I recently heard is being in exile)! Nice to have perspective on it indeed! Also, thanks for the encouragement to view “Finding Joe” – I haven’t been able to find it on Netflix, but I will make a point to find it because of the subject. Thank you!


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