Hello fabulous Peeps, I hope You are all having a great day.  I just re-watched last weeks webby and I am reeling in pure wonderfulness.  I picked up so much more this second time around and I am going to go back at least a couple more times.  We received The Tool Box, showing us how to take undesirable emotions and use them as tools for our good such as:

FEAR/ energy, concentration, focus.

ANGER/ energy to change.

UNWORTHINESS/ keeps us on track.

GUILT/ validates good, know what to do.

HURT FEELINGS/ remind us how much we care. 

This is all such a new and enlightening way for me to look at these emotions.  I will need to study and practice and apply these to my life…It will be a process and a new journey within this already incredible journey.  My first order of business will be as Mark J. explained about the feeling of unworthiness and how it pertains to the fact that we sometimes want to be Everything to Everybody and basically make positive change to many things in the world all at the same time and how there just are not enough hours in the day and not enough of our self to go around…Well this was a pleasant punch in the gut for me because I know realize “WHAT I WAS PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW”.  I have too much on my plate as far as my DMP is concerned, I have spread myself way to thin and as Mark said, when there is too much, we bounce from one thing to another and that magnifying glass cannot focus on any one thing long enough to be effective.  So I will have to make some changes…For example…There is a non-profit that I wanted to start, for the care of the elderly folks in this world that have been forgotten…So I will either have to push out the start date on that or just find a good current organization and just help and donate to them and also do some other re-arranging on my DMP, so that I can FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS on my priorities and get busy…How will he do this You ask???  Well it will all begin with the silence or as Doug Heffernan refers to it as SHUTTY-TOWN LOL.

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I have put aside two separate days this coming week to do a minimum of eight hours of silence and I am planning to get on the next bus to SHUTTY-TOWN to do a two to three day trip away from it all in the very near future.  I am so looking forward to all of these experiences in the silence, it will be such an awesome time to have a direct connection  with The Universal Mind or as I refer to Him as God The Father. I know that I will come away with so many answers and some new found gifts that I have always had inside myself and some needed changes to my DMP.

If you happen to be reading this blog and you are not a member of the MKMMA then I’m glad that you are here and some of the references that I make, may not make any sense to you and this is a life changing six month journey, so for me to explain it to you, would take…OH…about six months…But if this resonates with your soul then please contact me and I will hook you up for the next session and believe-you-me the more I tell you…The better it sounds.

Until next week, I bid you…

Peace, Love, Kindness and Happiness…God Bless.

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  1. Scott Scales

    I love it Shutty Town. I hope you will share you experience of the 2-3 days of silence. I am planning a similar outing and I can’t wait to how ddep into the world within I can go. I enjoy your blog each week and love your brutla honesty.

    So great fo follow your journey. Be Blessed!

  2. mkbeautyurs

    How true all these reflections strike me, Stephen! I resonate especially with the DMP perhaps being a bit too full, BUT, I am glad to know you are interested in elder issues – so am I. So glad you shared that piece in your very interesting blog! Thank you!


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