Hello Everybody, I hope that you are all doing well today.  I just came out of a twenty four hour silence yesterday and I still have not had any major revelations or any great A-HA moments other than the fact that as on my last eight hour silence I seem to be be gaining more and more clarity on my Existing DMP…What does he mean by clarity, you might ask, well, while in the silence I do some reading and some sits and I read all of our regular material and my DMP and Press Release and so far what I have on my DMP rings very true, I can see it as it has already happened and it feels great, of course who knows what I will find during a longer silence of 3 days, which I plan to do soon.  I did have a small realization during this last silence.  Somehow I started thinking about the self-help industry and  how I had been through some courses and some seminars and how when I would  participate in the course or seminar, I would feel very motivated and hopeful towards the future and how after a time that great feeling would slowly melt away and leave me wondering…What the heck just happened???   What did I get for all of that money I just spent???  A whole lot of nothing, that’s what.  In essence, what I payed for were some pretty words.  Pretty words sound great, Don’t they???  They sound great and they feel great as you repeat them and you feel inspired as they roll off your tongue…But at the end of the day, all they are….are just pretty words with no real value other than a short lived false feeling of hope.  So I came to the conclusion that pretty words don’t mean much anymore.  I am so grateful to be on this journey because this has been the complete opposite of any other program that I have been in.  Let me give you an example, last year a few months before I had even heard about the MKMMA, I booked a three day seminar with a very popular self-help guru, I won’t mention the name because I don’t think that this person is a bad guy but it is just how the industry operates and I had booked very early to insure a seat for my wife and myself.  Sometime after that I started learning about the MKMMA and I signed up for a pay it forward scholarship as soon as it opened up….Well a month or so later this 3 day seminar came up and I really did not feel like attending, but I had paid so much money and I thought, what the heck…well I had already been in the MKMMA for over a month and I was feeling really good about it….So I go to this seminar and at first it was I was a little star struck to see this gentleman of celebrity status,  But that was very short lived, because you were fed a little bit of information and then told to go to one of several stations to sign up for one or more of several programs….Well I already had some conviction that I was in the right place with the Master Keys….But this just drove it out of the park for me.  We are all very fortunate to be here and this journey will in no way end for me in a couple of weeks, this is a lifelong adventure and I’m in it for the long haul….That means life baby, without any eligibility for parole   LOL….

Have a great week Everyone, I bid You:

Peace, Love , Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.

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  1. Wade

    Your journey has been a bit like mine. There were never any strong moments when all seemed to come together but this class has been great and I’d recommend it to anybody.

    I have a gut feeling that we’re both further along in this than we think!

  2. Sam Kawamura

    Stephen, So very true about these seminars. The rah, rah, and hype gets peeps to spend money, but it”s like going to a magic show. The magic is awesome but its all illusions. They don’t last.
    I’d pay to come and see you because you will speak the truth with no hype.

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      Thank You Sam and I know and trust that You would do just the same…It was awesome connecting with You Today…Peace & Blessings My Friend.

  3. Izanna

    I’m glad Stephen that during the silence you got more connected to your DMP!! And i totally agree that MKMMA is the best program there is.

  4. Sheila Epstein

    I think the small bits and pieces and inspirations that come to you are all part of the big ‘aha’. I too feel very much like you through this journey and am glad to read of your growth throughout.
    Peace be the journey. Looking forward to our next talk.


    Yes, yes, yes, Stephen. Who wants to be on the outside looking in, when we can be on the inside creating the outside? It was a wonderful surprise to discover you and your significant other had signed up for Kauai. At that point, I had already begun envisioning the joyful experience of traveling to the scavenger hunt with Sam and Lydia (any fear generated by the thought of Lydia driving a van is now working to my — thus everyone’s — advantage); so, I am a little disappointed in myself for not trying, at least, to convince you and Mrs. Serna (first name?) to squeeze in with the rest of us. “…you just can’t have everything you want.” 🙂 An enjoyable, practical, well-written post, BTW.

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      Thank You Loren, It might still work out that we will be able to fit in the van, But if not we will be following close behind, so we can enjoy the journey together…Peace & Blessings.

  6. Patricia

    Hi Craig,
    You did get something out of the silence the clarity of your DMP, that’s great. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have found that sometimes after the silent retreat in the days following messages are still coming, however we must be ready to receive them.

    1. Stephen Serna Post author

      Thank you Patricia, You are right, We must be ready to receive them, Thanks for the insight…Peace & Blessings.


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