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A transcript from an exclusive interview of entrepreneur/musician,  Stephen Serna…Interviewed by Javier Lopez of the San Francisco Chronicle | Posted February 26th 2018  3:33 pm.

Javier, S.F. Chronicle:  Hello Stephen It’s great to see you, What brings you to The City today?

Stephen:  Well Javier it’s always a pleasure to talk to you…I’m here in the city this week to participate in a fundraiser that will benefit all of the elderly folks that have been forgotten in our society and that would include the homeless and also those that are in convalescent homes living in substandard surroundings and of course the shut-ins that are unable to leave their homes or apartments.  My Christian Praise band will be performing in Golden Gate Park this weekend, along with many other fantastic artists.  We will also be spending some time with these elderly folks for the next few days here in this beautiful city.


Javier, S.F. Chronicle:  Wow that sounds great, I will be stopping by the park this weekend and look forward to all of the great praise music and to take part in this great cause. Now Stephen I understand that you’ve also been hitting the Christian radio circuit promoting your new album, tell us a little about that today.

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Stephen:  Yes Javier,  our Christian Praise Band “PAUL”  just released our new album called “We’re All One “, and the response and feedback have been amazing to say the least.  We have been touring the U.S  and I really must say that it brings pure joy to my heart to praise God in this way and to bring  Joy, Happiness, Love and Hope to others.

Javier, S.F. Chronicle:  Now Stephen, are the rumors true that you have been looking at some real estate here in the city?

Stephen:  As a matter of  fact it is true, My wife Gloria and I have been shopping for a nice condo that would be within walking distance to the ballpark so that we can do the season ticket thing with our Fabulous San Francisco Giants!!!

Javier, S.F. Chronicle:  So Stephen,  I know that you started a career in the bay area and now you’re in business for yourself, can you elaborate on that just a bit?

Stephen:  Sure Javier,  well I started working here in the city when I was 15 years old just some odd jobs through High School and beyond.  I spent 10 years in the Silicon Valley as a production planner for a material science company and for different reasons I moved to Southern California where I spent 18 years working for public municipal water agencies.  I have to admit that all these jobs payed the bills and provided health benefits but there was always something missing…I did not like the typical 9-5…I needed to have a creative outlet, I needed to be of service to others and I needed to live a life of purpose, on purpose.  I had started a network marketing home business with an awesome company called Jeunesse but I just could not seem to get it off the ground.  I joined two life changing programs the first is called Go90Grow which is designed to teach me to become successful in my network marketing business and the second is called The Master Keys Master Mind Alliance which is designed to help me become successful as a person…both of these programs were run by Mark J. and  the Fab Davene and their awesome team…I repeat, both of these programs were life changers…(so much so that I have joined forces with this wonderful movement as a guide and a very rewarding venture it has been.)  So with the need to escape the 9-5 and all of this great help and in Gods hands I made the leap and became my own boss on January 15th 2015!!!  YAY!!!   My Jeunesse Business went through the roof  and more and more business opportunities presented themselves and here I am today with time and financial freedom living a wonderful life of purpose on purpose…in service to others. I could not ask for anything more in my wildest dreams…and the coolest part is,  I’m just getting started!!!

Javier, S.F. Chronicle:  Well Stephen, that is quite a story, I look forward to seeing you around town and maybe you can come back and see us in a while to keep us posted on your progress…Thank you for visiting us today.

Stephen:  Thank You Javier, it would be my pleasure to come back and talk with you…until then, God Bless…I wish you Peace, Love and Happiness.

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