file0001202211530Do you ever get the feeling that there has to be more than this in life?  Do you ever just know that you know that this can’t be it?  Well that was me a couple of years back.  I had worked most of my life building someone else’s dream and deep down inside I knew that there had to be more to this life than just grinding on the treadmill we call the rat-race.  So my journey begins, I did my rounds with the self-help books, tapes and guru’s and did it make me feel good??? Yes very good, motivated…Yes  but to no avail.  I remember walking out of expensive weekend self-help seminars and feeling warm and fuzzy all over, just to realize a week or two later that nothing had changed…I was still on that broken path to nowhere.  Feeling frustrated, but determined, I joined a network marketing company and with no success and again I did my rounds with many systems that were going to make me rich and again to no avail.  So I stumble into this program run by the worlds laziest networker called Go90Grow BAM!!! Finally someone is here to teach me the skills to build my network marketing company…so as I’m going through the course Mark J keeps mentioning his other program called the Master Key Experience, but this time it’s not self help…this time it’s self development, only someone is not going to tell me what to think and why…rather they will guide me on a journey of self-discovery and I have to do the work to change and it’s all on me if anything is to happen.  So this is my third time through the course (yes it’s that good) and I was reminded and jump-started this past Sunday on our weekly webinar as The Fabulous Davene (Mark J’s better half) explained about some of us having a pre-disposition to do more or to be more…or as I like to call it, a pre-disposition to greatness.   In a nutshell some of us have been genetically wired to want more and to be more and for greatness.  The Master Key Experience is a collaboration of these genetically  wired Peeps.  So this is the third time that I listened to this great truth and I was jazzed to say the least, but the first time I heard this very eloquent explanation by Fab D, well I was paralyzed in my seat, my eyes felt the point of possible saturation…I felt like I was watching myself in a movie and all at once I jumped a mile out of my seat and exclaimed…” I KNEW IT”!!!   So there it was, there was my answer, now I knew why I had felt that way my whole life.  So If you feel that way or if you don’t but feel you might want to be awakened to these awesome truth’s then I invite you to experience our next journey in the Master Key Experience…Peace & Blessings.     🙂

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3 thoughts on “WEEKS 18 thru 20/PRE-DISPOSITION FOR GREATNESS…

  1. Evelyn Wentworth

    Stephen, I looked at your page, loved the post, and truly enjoyed the video posted there. Thank you so much for sharing that!


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